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We build, repair and modify Electric Transformers in oil or air, Load Adapters of national or foreign production, Inductors.
But the range of our processes is very varied and we would like to bring some examples below:

  • Copper tube made by measurements of the customer, from 3 to 60 mm side, even for small quantities.
  • Implementation on projects or samples provided by the Customer of Medium Frequency and High Frequency Load Adapters Transformers embedded in resin from 100 to 5000 KVA with windings and cooling screens of the magnetic cores in copper tubes for water circulation cooling.
  • Construction of Three-phase Air Transformers for application on ovens; these transformers are characterized by secondary windings made of copper tube for cooling by circulating water for high currents.
  • Construction of Medium Frequency Measurement Transformers 0.35-10 KHz with a power of 60 VA (V1 = 100V V2 = 400 -450 – 500 – 600 – 800 – 1000V) of which we can perform particular versions on request.
  • Isolation Transformers.
  • Construction of single-phase reactors with windings in copper tubes or strips
  • Construction of particular windings in tubes and plates in copper achievable on projects or samples.

Up to now our company has performed numerous types of new reactors, transformers and adapters without mentioning the numerous repairs carried out for our Italian and foreign customers.

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